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Health Bites are deliberately very short e-books.
They cover just one specific health issue and all offer solutions or ways to reduce the problem.
In them I give the whys, wherefores and practical help in resolving health issues.
Positive suggestions that are aimed at curing the issue is the philosophy behind all of these guides.

This is a series of short to the point guides on health matters that are relevant to our lifestyle.
Click on them to find out even more details.    More may follow.

Bite size health kindles.


Incontinence is one of the last health taboos in modern society. Embarrassment stops many people from accessing services that can help them.
Yet incontinence is surprisingly common. About 25% of us will have a problem with bladder control at some time.

Most likely, you donít want to spend a lot of time thinking about your prostate. But if you are finding that you are having  trouble urinating, your prostate may be the issue.
Around the time of your 45 birthday, your prostate begins to grow  and increases as we men get older.

We see it and we obsess over it but do we know anything about it?Acne is really a catch-all term for a variety of symptoms such as pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. It's a condition where the pores of skin become clogged. So what's the cause of all the clogging?

Mental stress (worry) is an anxious state of mind brought about by over-concern with the future and fear about what it might bring.

Worry is often caused by a lack of acceptance of the fact that many outcomes in life cannot be controlled.
physical stress

Physical Stress deals with stress caused by ~ Lack of Sleep, Travel, Manual Labour. 

Having the occasional restless night is one thing but when it persists then quite rightly something must be done to sort it out.

Troubled Relationship, Financial or Career Pressures, Challenges with Life Goals, General State of Happiness.
How Can You Manage Marriage Stress in Troubling Times?
If your finances are getting out of hand, itís time to take more control over them.

Sadness & depression.
It's perfectly normal to have sadness in your life. Some kinds, however, can be a cause for concern. There's no need to feel ashamed of your loneliness.
In fact, if you find one or two friends to talk with about it, you will probably find that they too feel lonely.

Anger and fear.

Yes they can be controlled.
Relaxation and calming methods can help to reduce angry feelings.

The fear of flying can spoil a holiday before it has even begun. If this is a fear you have then read and believe.

More to come.

If you have a suggestion please let me know and you will have a free copy once published.

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Speaking in front of people can be enjoyable.

It may be a speech or presentation you need to make in the very near future. 

This book is for  all of you.

How to remember Names, Speeches, Shopping Lists, Sales Presentations and anything else.

The easy way.

This knowledge can also be used to help make a speech without notes.

Do you want to reduce your stress levels?
Yes, then this is the book to help you do just that. The main causes of stress are individually dealt with in separate chapters, complete with practical day to day ways of working to eliminate them from your life.