Talk with confidence, anywhere and to anyone.

Ease, confidence, poise are all possible outcomes read on and discover how to conquer nerves and speak in public.

Discover the three biggest mistakes beginners always make and how to avoid them. These three secrets alone are worth a hundred times the value of this book!

Presentations, Retirement, Vote of Thanks even Wedding Speech fears. Relax enjoy yourself, all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

There are many reasons you are reading this;
most will be linked to some speech or presentation you need to make in the very near future. Some of you may have been promoted and know that sooner or later you will be standing up on a platform selling either your department or your reputation. Whatever the reasons they are all linked back to us not wanting to be embarrassed.


 It's crazy but true. You can loose your fear of speech making.


Separate detailed chapters on all the vital details on speaking to an audience, be they friends, relatives, business colleagues or strangers.


Imagine this....You have been accepted for membership of your local chamber of commerce, at your first meeting you are offered one minute to introduce your company. You freeze, you mumble a few incoherent words and barely manage to say your company name.
It doesn't have to be like that.
You do have confidence and ability, otherwise you would not be in business.
You too can join the ranks of those relishing the prospect of presenting your companies assets to potential customers.


A long serving team member dies or retires and like it or not, it is you that has to give the important speech.
What will your colleagues think of it, will they leave thinking you let them all down.
Or, will the go away thinking you gave an excellent send off , one they can all feel proud to have been associated with.
Well now you have the chance to join that second group. Speeches will lose all their fear once you have gained all the powerful principles in my book Speak in Public with Ease, Style and Confidence.


It should be a pleasant social occasion, but it is ruined for you by the knowledge that you have to make a speech. I know, I have been there.
Despite a really good meal being laid out at my wedding reception, I only tinkered with it. The only thing on my mind was the speech I had to make.
When I look back now, well - if I'd known then what I know now, my wedding reception would have been perfect. (Fortunately it did not affect my marriage, I am still married to my lovely bride).
I was very lucky, soon after that my company sent me on a very expensive training course, one of the main sections was on presentation skills. Those skills related to speaking in public, I would very much like to pass them on to you.

Contents include

  • How to Start
    This is the most vital part of any speech or presentation. The #1 biggest mistake by beginners is made here!!!
  • Preparation & Structure
    Learn the best techniques so that you are at ease while delivering your speech.
  • Gaining extra confidence
    You will learn the simple but seldom told ways to gain confidence for every speech you ever make. Weddings, Sales presentations, Job Interviews, even the one thanking a speaker for a good talk!
  • Understanding your audience
    At a wedding you would not talk about the decline of the Roman Empire, Similarly at a Sales presentation you would not talk about Uncle Bert's Hernia. In this book you will find out the fundamentals to help make you speeches successful.
  • Getting the timing right
    The #2 biggest mistake by beginners is made here!!! You will learn a simple trick known and practiced by most Politicians and just as valuable to you, plus many other vital tips to get your speech sparkling.
  • Creating audience participation
    How to stop your audience falling asleep or sneaking out the door during your presentation.
  • Voice Control
    Don't panic all will be simply explained in the book. Talking to an audience will be made as easy as talking to your best friend.
  • Speaking without a script
    This is the hard bit but you will be given the skills you need and then the more speeches you make the easier it will become.
  • Humour Do's & Don't's
    Should you crack a joke? Vital information on this and humour will be yours, presentations will be sparkling.
  • Ending on a high
    The #3 biggest mistake by beginners is made here!!! But not by you! Discover the best way to finish every speech or presentation.
  • Price

    YOU are the one to decide.
    Do you want to continue hiding under a cloud of embarrassment
    Do You want to claim your rightful position with CONFIDENCE and ENTHUSIASM.


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