Gain time and performance with this information.
If you are just plain tired of dealing with stubborn and unreliable staff, listening to unrealistic promises, hearing the same old story meeting after meeting, this is for you!
Because you are about to discover how to keep every single meeting under control and get rid of unnecessary meetings with stubborn staff all together!
If you are still suffering from intolerable pressure, with far to many crisis and distractions. Then this is your way out

Contents include

Gain control of your time.

There is so much more you can achieve once you have meetings under control.

  • Time for strategic planning.
  • Deal effectively with urgent priorities.
  • Boost output, without increasing staffing levels.
  • Have real quality time at home and at the weekends.

With this zipped package there is specific information on preparation before meetings and proven techniques for controlling the meeting. In addition the absolutely essential way to handle problem solving meetings. This works irrespective of the type of problem that needs resolving. The time consuming progress meetings are covered explicitly with a unique method of getting these daily / weekly meetings trimmed down to 20 minutes!

Also included you will find an effective priority setting guide and a straightforward means of helping you to deal with priorities whilst ignoring the time gobbling distractions.

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This complete package is waffle and padding free.

There would be no point in advertising a product to save you time, then sell you a 500 page book which took you days or weeks to read.

You will be receiving the cold hard facts of what you need to do, how to do it and examples of how to go about it. As you read through you will need to take action and adopt the principles within.

If your temperament is such that you do not like change, then this is not for you.

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Because it will save you time and effort.