Stress plays a major role in all of our lives. Our range of Kindle books on stress examines how we can live with it and keep it under control.
With individual booklets we cover physical, emotional, financial, psychological and mental stress. All in condensed layman's terms. You can quickly find the help you need.

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At the end of our lives most of us given the choice would prefer to become ill and die within a few weeks. We do not relish a long drawn out illness in pain and grief.
At the moment we do not have full control of our outcome. Yet we can lessen some of the pains and illnesses.
We at Quality Solutions are developing a range of health bites to cover some of the discomforts we face in our daily lives.
Those covered to date are: Acne, Prostate and Incontinence. Following soon; Hangover, backache, weight loss.

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Much as we worry about our health there is something we dread more than death itself. ~ Making a speech in Public. Yet for some they relish it and jump up at the first opportunity.
I have written a very good book to get you motivated and lose all fear of standing up in front of people. How to speak in public and enjoy it is based on my personal experiences combined with high quality training that I received during my professional career.

To compliment it is a fascinating book giving away the secrets of remembering anything, from names, dates, facts and figures.

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