Simple Solution for your Bookkeeping Accounts

You run your own small business, you just want to know how much you have spent and how much has come in. Just enough to satisfy the tax man.

Your Bookkeeping Accounts can be easy. Say goodbye to burning the late night oil.

Spend less time on the drudgery of bookkeeping and more on making money from your business. Save yourself time and effort with this specially designed tool that does all it says and more.

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Control your Meetings

If you are just plain tired of dealing with stubborn and unreliable staff, listening to unrealistic promises, hearing the same old story meeting after meeting, this is for you!

Because you are about to discover how to keep every single meeting under control and get rid of unnecessary meetings with stubborn staff all together!

If you are still suffering from intolerable pressure, with far too many crisis and distractions. Then this is your way out.

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Speaking in Public

Speaking in Public the easy way.
Ease, confidence, poise are all possible outcomes, read on and discover how to conquer nerves and speak in public.
Discover the three biggest mistakes beginners always make and how to avoid them. These three secrets alone are worth a hundred times the value of this book!
This is the pdf version of the Kindle edition.

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How to Remember Anything

Remember anything with ease, style and confidence.
Meet someone on a trade stand and instantly remember their name. In today's business as in life away from the desk, memory is vital.
Do you forget names the moment you are told them?
Can you make a long presentation or speech without notes?
This has been developed, tried and tested specifically for businesses that want to continue going forward.
This is the pdf version of the Kindle edition.

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