Stress Anxiety Solutions:

How to relieve stress, overcome loneliness, fear & anxiety from today onwards.
Laughter is one of the healthiest antidotes to stress. When we laugh or even smile, blood flow to the brain is increased, endorphins (pain killing hormones that give us a sense of well being) are released, and levels of stress hormones drop.
There are plenty of other effective (and mostly pleasant) things you can do to minimize and manage stress.
This book examines the many types of stress and anxieties we meet in our daily life and offers practical self help solutions

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My Life Changing Journal

This is for everyone who is wanting a fresh perspective on life, to explore their feelings and focus on what matters most. This is no ordinary journal, it will kick start your brain in new and surprising ways. It will take you on a route to personal discovery. A creative journal where you can make the changes. This will be your chance to break free from the mundane.

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Bellringing Dots

Bell Ringer? Know someone who is?

Then these books of dots are a must have.

Just keep the pad with your diagrams book and whenever you need to check out a method you will have this pad of dots to help you draw the line.
If you are trying to develop advanced bellringing techniques then this tool will make life just that bit easier for you.
Helping a fellow ringer? Then use this pad full of dots to explain where their bell passes the treble.
Good choice as a present for any bell ringer. There are pads for Doubles right through to Maximus.

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