John Harriyott
Quality Solutions
London Road
East Sussex
England, TN22 1HU
01825 761108
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Quality Solutions was formed in 1993 as a consultancy for assisting small businesses improve their quality and efficiency. This soon expanded to develop web pages for the new interest shown in the developing internet.
Prior to this my background was in Plastics and Engineering. Initially designing and developing tooling for the Plastics Industry. Then moving up the management trail until becoming Managing Director of businesses. During which time training and specialist courses gave me a wide range of diverse knowledge.


With high speed Internet and specialist publishers, such as Amazon, it is very easy to transmit specialist knowledge cheaply, efficiently and without having to personally travel the world to deliver it.
The challenge today is to give relevant information that can be quickly digested and acted upon.
As a practicing Christian I am naturally drawn to helping and guiding all those interested in improving their well being, be that health, confidence, relieving stresses or generally increasing the options for a long, happy and mobile life.
So this will be the trend, if you have a subject you would like me to research, please let me know.