I would like to help you resolve issues or difficulties that are stopping you enjoy your life. To help you find a happier way through the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.

Before retiring I was a consultant, assisting businesses to run more efficiently and before even that I was an engineer, developing my skills from the ground up. This did involve a fair amount of research and covered many industries. I have also travelled to over 30 countries.

All this has given me an insight into other cultures and how they solve (or try to solve) similar challenges.  However I don't want to come over as being too pompous, how could I when my main hobby for the last 50 years has been Morris Dancing!

On the products pages you will find items that emphasise a positive outlook to life. The downloads cover a range of subjects amongst which are ones to help you live to 100 without too many disabilities and maybe with sufficient money. The books will cover similar themes but amongst them are a specialised range for Bellringers.

At this point where some of you may be getting cross at some of the spellings, I should tell you that I am English and as such the spelling is correct for the English dictionary, my apologies to those of you who expected more 'z' and other such variants. 

So onward, check out the pages, send feedback (good as well as bad) and of course buy as much as you can!
If, after reading the pages you feel there other aspects where I could help, please let me know and I will investigate and come back to you.